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Occupational health and safety policy

Woman doing eye test with optometrist in eye sight clinic

We are an organization specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, correction and improvement of eye problems and visual acuity. We are committed to protecting the safety and health promotion of workers, contractors, suppliers, students and users and their families, through the identification of hazards and the evaluation and control of risks.

The programs we develop are aimed at promoting a culture preventive and self-care, to the intervention of the working conditions that may generate accidents at work or occupational diseases, to control absenteeism and to preparation, prevention and emergency response.

We are committed to providing the human, physical and financial resources necessary for the planning, execution and evaluation of the Health and Safety Management System at Work in accordance with the existing dangers, complying with the applicable legal requirements, linking all interested parties, seeking continuous improvement of processes and promoting environmental protection.

Objectives of the OSH

  • Promote the permanent search for the prevention and promotion of health at work and identification of the origin of occupational diseases and work accidents.
  • Prevent the occurrence of work accidents and occupational diseases, through the identification of hazards, evaluation and assessment of risks and implementation of respective controls.
  • Maintain a healthy and safe work environment through participation, communication and consultation of workers in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • Promote and maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of workers.
  • Guide processes towards compliance with current regulations regarding risks labor, through the identification and management of applicable requirements.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, by through the evaluation of work plans and programs, guaranteeing the protection of the health safety of workers.
  • Ensure the adequacy, appropriateness and effectiveness of health and safety risk management at work through audits and review of the SG-SST.
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