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Right to receive timely, careful, and respectful comprehensive care by competent staff.

Right to be treated without discrimination based on race or religion, and to receive differential care for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Right to be seen with charge to the health plan or policy that demonstrates possession and that a current agreement exists with the institution.

Right to accept, authorize, or reject the offered treatment, with prior information of risks and benefits, and to continue to be treated if the treatment is not accepted.

Right to privacy and confidentiality of information provided by the patient to our staff, including their medical history.

Right to choose the preferred professional to treat them and to know the name of their doctor.


Arrive at the institution early enough to complete administrative procedures prior to receiving medical attention.

Attend appointments or procedures with an adult companion or responsible person as indicated.

Do not smoke during your stay in the institution.

The entry of any type of weapons or dangerous items is prohibited.

The transit or entry to restricted access areas is prohibited.

Suspend the use of your cell phone during your medical attention.

Treat Carriazo organization staff, other patients, and their companions with respect.

The duty to take care of your health and inform the attending staff about your general conditions, and to participate actively in the treatment plan.

Present the documents that prove your affiliation to a health plan or policy, and the required orders for attention or authorization of services, and/or make the corresponding payments in a timely manner.

Keep your appointments and inform with anticipation and opportunity when you can’t attend.

The duty to sign the withdrawal or rejection document in cases of non-acceptance of treatment methods.

The duty to clearly report administrative and/or assistance difficulties that hinder the provision of the required service through different communication channels (complaints, claims, suggestions).

The duty to collaborate in the conservation of the resources provided to you and to report the misuse of them.

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