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Humanization policy

Revisión niños Oftalmología Clínica Carriazo Barranquilla

Carriazo Clinic, as an institution providing health services, declares itself a meeting point for the needs and expectations of the patient, their family and the community.

With the appropriate resources to satisfy them, through careful, respectful, safe and ethical care, which strives for an informed patient who participates in achieving the best results for their visual health.

Patient Safety Policy

Clínica Carriazo, considering its ethical, social, environmental, financial, and academic responsibilities, is committed to socially responsible management, creating a culture of safety, based on shared principles and legitimate values, generating trust, protecting the user, and maintaining the reputation of the institution, adopting, adapting and implementing conscious, safe and reliable actions that identify, mitigate, prevent, correct and provide feedback to the risks that exist in the fulfillment of the corporate corporate purpose.
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