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Gender equity policy

Médicos Barranquilla

Based on the commitment to promote a culture of integrity, respect and equity, all the people and areas that make up the entity are committed to ensuring compliance with what is enshrined in this Employment Equity Policy with a gender perspective. On the other hand, at Inside the company, through the work coexistence committee, the measures are established prevention, detention and punishment of sexual and workplace harassment, gender-based violence and other problems, guaranteeing respect for the dignity of collaborators and trust in work and personal relationships.


  • Senior Management: Assurance, deployment and appropriation of good corporate practices that include
    aspects of gender equality.

  • Human Management: Disclose the implementation and administration of this policy.

  • Coexistence Committee: Ensure a work environment free of discrimination and identify and search
    alternatives for situations related to equal opportunities.

  • All collaborators of the Clinic within the framework of their functions and obligations.

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