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Environmental policy

Keeping in mind its responsibility towards environmental management, a sustainable future and the environment as a whole, we have committed to continually searching for strategies and alternatives that help prevent various forms of pollution, as well as
such as the reduction of the environmental effects and impacts that are generated in the routine work carried out in the Institution, promoting the protection and conservation of natural resources, through training activities, aimed at strengthening the relationship between our internal clients, users and the environment.

Instalaciones de la Clínica Carriazo un futuro sustentable

This is why we establish the following principles for due compliance with environmental policy:

  • Make rational use of the resources required for the proper provision of the service and the development of activities that concern the other processes that are carried out in the Institution.
  • Continuously control the actions of internal staff and visitors against to the preservation of the environment.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory regulations that are related to environmental issues.
  • Raise awareness and sensitize all staff of the Institution, regarding the preservation, mitigation and compensation of environmental impacts.
  • Design, disseminate and implement continuous improvement programs and therefore activities that help minimize hazardous waste, emissions and discharges generated in the usual tasks of the Institution.
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