Diagnostic exam results

Carriazo Clinic S.A. is a Health Services Provider Institution, specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, correction, and rehabilitation of ocular pathologies and visual acuity.

Within our processes, we have the results delivery procedure for our patients online. You can download the results of your diagnostic exams performed at Carriazo Clinic through this link.

Please take into account the following recommendations to clarify all your doubts and obtain your diagnostic exam results in the estimated time with the highest assertiveness:


How to Access My Results?

Go to the website https://www.carriazo.com and click on the «Results» button.

Download and read the instructions before accessing, then click on «download results.»

Where Can I Find My Code or Token?

The code or token is provided at admission. Please look for the code token located in the lower right corner of your admissions document.


When Can I Check My Results?

You can check them 24 hours after the exam has been performed through our app.


When Does My Code or Token Expire?

The code or token does not have an expiration date, it is indefinite.


What Should I Do If I Lose My Code or Token?

If you have lost your admission receipt, you can send an email to: consultaexterna@carriazo.com with the date of the result examination, full name, and ID number for the reissue of the token.

This number will be sent 24 hours after the request is made.

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