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Revisión niños Oftalmología Clínica Carriazo Barranquilla

We are committed, working effectively to improve the quality of life of our collaborators, their families, environment and the community to which we provide our services. This report lists the actions aimed at fulfilling the responsibility social:

Actions in social responsibility

  • Actions implemented for the conservation and sustainability of the environment in the framework of social responsibility. Clínica Carriazo, seeks to contribute to the reduction of pollution in a constant and balanced manner, in order to satisfy in a transparent way all our efforts and in that way supply our clients the best service. Environmental responsibility for us is a everyone’s work.
  • Acquisition of equipment that bears ecological seals. Clínica Carriazo seeks to contribute to environmental sustainability, with the acquisition of technology with a cleaner operation, less noise and lower energy consumption.
  • Mangrove project: Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for our department, which seeks to develop a project with mangroves located on the road Los manatees left bank sabanilla district. This activity has as The objective is to promote the culture of care for mangroves and contribute to the decontamination of the environment.
  • Raising awareness among all institutional staff and patients about caring for the environment atmosphere. Through training and sending institutional emails, it is socialized about caring for the environment and saving energy – Water.
  • Development of activities aimed at the well-being of employees and their families.
  • Contributions or sponsorships provided to non-profit foundations or projects.
  • Promotion of safety culture as a lifestyle, to guarantee the integrity of our employees, contractors, suppliers, users and visitors.
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