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Carriazo Optical Store

The Carriazo Clinic has within its facilities the Carriazo Optician, which has a wide variety of high-tech ophthalmic lenses, frames of all ranges, contact lenses and ophthalmic solutions of the best quality oriented and adapted to the needs of each patient. .

Bussiness hours:
Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 pm.

Contact phone: (605) 3673910

Bussiness address: Calle 86 #49C – 69 Barranquilla, Colombia

Ophthalmic Lenses

Carriazo optics offers a variety of lenses to cover your visual needs, among which we have the following characteristics:


These lenses are used to correct vision deficiencies at a single distance. Normally in near or distance vision.


They are lenses with two powers to correct deficiencies in near and far vision at the same time. They are characterized by having a far zone and a near segment. Within this group there are several designs such as Flat Top, Invisible, among others.


They are ideal for correcting deficiencies at intermediate distances. They are suitable for those people who work at a desk and need clarity to work with the computer (intermediate vision) and read (close vision).


These lenses have three optical zones, one for near, one for intermediate distance, and one for distance. Each one has different formulas which vary from the distance zone to the reading zone progressively as its name indicates. It does not present image breaks like bifocals, nor do they have any type of visible segment division.



They are those that adapt to the light intensity of each environment. Light indoors and dark outdoors according to the amount of sunlight. There are several brands of photosensitive lenses.


They are better lenses for the sun, since they eliminate any reflection of light coming from the water, on wet roads, panoramic views of the car, eliminating eye fatigue and providing a vision rich in contrasts.

Filters and Treatments

We also have a variety of filters to meet your visual needs, among which we have the following:


It is an ultraviolet treatment to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays of light, which cause cataracts and pterygium, among others.



he coloring of lenses is on the increase, whether due to discomfort from light, the search for comfort or fashion. In formulated or neutral lenses according to your needs and taste, including the ultraviolet filter.


It is a treatment performed on lenses to eliminate reflections from outside lights or computer screens on the surface of the lenses, which cause fatigue and discomfort. This treatment increases the transparency of the lens, which translates into greater comfort and aesthetics.


It is a layer that protects the lens and makes it stronger against scratches.


Contact lenses

We have contact lenses to cover different types of visual needs, among which we have the following:

Types of Contact Lenses

Soft lenses

They are made of flexible and hydrophilic plastic (water-friendly), which are materials that absorb water from tears. Among the advantages of soft contact lenses are immediate comfort, the possibility of being used all day or for a longer period of time, they can be alternated with the use of glasses depending on the occasion, ease of care and cleaning, it is a ideal lens for sports, they can correct all spherical ametropia and some mild cylindrical spherical lenses with spherical lenses and for astigmatisms

Older people use toric lenses.

Within this classification are:

  • Conventional lenses that last more than a year
  • Those for scheduled replacement that require change every month, two months, fifteen days, or daily,
    Those for therapeutic use.
  • Cosmetics for aesthetic and prosthetic purposes.

Some of the contact lenses that we have in our opticians are:

Acuvue Oasys / Acuvue Advance / Air Optix
Biofinity / Biomedics / Frequency Toric
Freshlook Formulated / Freshlook Neutrals / O2 optix
One Day Acuvue Moist / Biofinity Toric / Air optix Night & Day

Rigid lenses

Rigid contact lenses are subdivided into gas permeable and non-gas permeable, the latter known as hard or PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) lenses, which is a material that provides high resistance, good wettability, dimensional stability, but does not allow the direct passage of oxygen through the cornea (it must be remembered that a lack of oxygen for a long time can alter the corneal structure).

Despite these drawbacks, they are still used by many people since they are very durable.

Within gas permeable lenses there are lenses of low, medium and high permeability, a characteristic that determines the maximum daily use of the lens and at the same time its duration over time.

This is why new research points to materials with greater dimensional stability and good permeability.

Permeable Hydro Gas Colentes – Permeable Gas Ecolentes

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