We offer specialized ophthalmology services with competent and dedicated human resources committed to excellent care. We integrate clinical practice, teaching, and research to create new techniques and technological developments for the benefit of the community.


By the year 2024, we aim to become a national and international reference in ophthalmology, leading in the training of specialists and innovation in ophthalmic procedures and advanced technology. We strive to generate preference and benefit for our community, employees, and shareholders through our attention and branding model.

Corporate Principles

Respect for life and human dignity: Coherence between thinking, feeling, and acting serves as the permanent rule of conduct for all employees of the organization. We consider the dignity, rights, and freedoms inherent in every individual, always treating them with kindness and tolerance.

Responsibility: Our staff is known for their awareness and commitment to their activities.

Ethics: Ethics: The institution’s motivation and purpose is to serve the people, guided by absolute honesty and transparency.

Quality: The personnel of the institution are characterized by maintaining a daily work style distinguished by professionalism and a focus on meeting the stated requirements.

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